Southeast Texas Dental Center Offers Partials and Dentures

On-Site Lab Technician at Our Jasper, TX Dental Practice

Southeast Texas Dental Center is the only practice in the Jasper area to have an on-site dental technician who fabricates our customized partials and dentures at competitive prices. When the doctor and technician are able to directly work together with the patient the time required to fabricate the completed partial or denture is drastically reduced and the results are outstanding!

Tooth loss occurs for a variety of reasons, including trauma, gum disease, infection, and extraction. At Southeast Texas Dental Center, we know that if you have missing teeth, you may feel embarrassed about those smile gaps. And missing teeth also cause problems for your dental health. For example, your other teeth can shift or loosen, and you’re more susceptible to disease and infection.

At our Jasper office, Dr. Jodi Kahla and Dr. Steven Spencer work with our on-site dental lab technician to create your partials and dentures. Partials and dentures are an affordable solution to make your smile whole again—and restore your confidence and your oral health.

Removable Partials

At our Jasper dental practice, we can handcraft a removable partial denture, which is placed into the smile gap by fitting onto the neighboring teeth. The partial can be taken out so you can clean your mouth and your dental piece. This is an excellent, budget-friendly option to serve your partials and dentures needs.


At Southeast Texas Dental Practice, we can also replace all of your missing teeth with full dentures. We can customize upper and lower arches to fit your mouth comfortably. Full dentures allow you to eat, speak, and smile without embarrassment or worry. If you have missing teeth and you live in or around Jasper, we can give you a reason to smile again—with partials and dentures.

Reclaim your smile with partials and dentures! Southeast Texas Dental Center serves the restoration needs of Jasper, Kirbyville, Newton, Woodville, and nearby towns. Make an appointment today!